Show Car Transport Service for Your Exotic Automobile

Professional vehicle delivery services have grown in popularity over the years because of the safety, efficiency, and convenience they offer to the vehicle owners who wish to ship their vehicle to a distant destination. One of the most common reasons for such shipments is the relocation of an individual or family to another city or state. However, sometimes a vehicle may have to be shipped for some other reason.

Moving a Car of Considerable Value

People who are the proud owners of unique, rare or specialty vehicles may like to exhibit their prized possession at a show of exotic cars. If the show is being held in another city or state, it becomes important to arrange a safe mode of transportation of the vehicle to the destination. Some of the leading car transportation companies may provide such specialty services to their customers who want to participate in a vintage car race or show.

Select the Right Shipper

Car Shipping CarrierThe auto shipping industry has proliferated in recent years with a large number of companies, brokers, and independent drivers undertaking vehicle shipments across the country. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for a first-time shipper to find the most appropriate shipper, particularly when it involves the shipment of a classic or vintage vehicle. It is a prudent idea to look for a company with vehicle transport that has sufficient expertise and experience in handling state to state shipments of classic vehicles.

A company specializing in enclosed car carrier services will have the necessary equipment and facilities to ensure the vehicle is delivered in impeccable condition to its destination. Some service companies are likely to charge a slightly higher price compared to others for such special shipments, but usually it is worth the extra cost. There is no wisdom is handing over your prized vehicle to a fly by night operator who tempts you with a low price that turns out to be too good to be true in the end. You need to find a company that meets your expectations in every way, and delivers results to your complete and utter satisfaction.

Search the Internet

Perhaps the easiest and the most effective way to look for reliable show vehicle transport brokers or companies are using a leading Internet search engine such as Google. You can seek quotes from one or two prominent shippers that show up in the search results, and make the best choice according to your needs.

Antique cars are usually shipped in enclosed carriers for extra safety. The cost of door to door auto shipping by an enclosed carrier can be up to two times that of open car transport. However, the advantages of enclosed will outweigh these shipping costs for your specialty vehicle.

A Car Cover Rarely Suffices

If you think you can defeat the risks of using an enclosed transport by putting a tarp on your vehicle you are not thinking of all the contingencies. How will the tarp react to the body of the car in extreme heat if traveling in the summer? What if there is a hail storm? Will the tarp prevent denting or scratching that can occur from flying debris on the highway? There are other reasons as well why an expensive or rare car should not be exposed like this while moving at high speeds.

Making Search Easy

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Common Queries with Regard to Intercity Auto Transport

Vehicle Transport CarrierA majority of people prefer to hire the services of a professionally reliable car shipping company when they need to transport their vehicle over a long distance. Such services may be required for shipping from one city to another within the same state, or car transport cross country.

An individual who is planning to use intercity auto transport services for the first time is likely to have several queries on his or her mind. Some of the most common queries are addressed here to help first-time shippers understand how the professional auto shipping process works, and how it can help ensure a safe, timely, and efficient delivery for their vehicle.

Pick-up and Delivery

Most car hauling companies will offer the options of door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport pick-up and delivery for your vehicle. Door to door auto transport offers more convenience, but it usually a little more expensive. However, if a large auto trailer is not allowed to enter your residential area, you may have to use terminal to terminal delivery services.

Open or Enclosed Shipment

The companies will usually give you a choice between open and enclosed trailer shipment. If your vehicle is costly or a classic, you may consider using enclosed transport even though it is relatively more expensive compared to open transport. Enclosed car transport services will protect your car against external elements.

Inoperable Vehicle

If you wish to transport a vehicle that is inoperable or immovable, you must inform the shipping company at the very outset. They will eventually find out creating a tense situation. This is because it requires special equipment to load and unload inoperable or immovable vehicles. You may be required to pay some extra charges for this service.

Transit Time 

Transit time for your shipment will largely depend on the distance to the destination. On certain infrequent routes, the transit time may be a little higher because the trailer may pick up more vehicles on the way. During peak season, it is a prudent idea to book your shipment with an intercity car transport company well in advance to ensure they have the time and spot available to come pick up your car at that time. 

Documents Required

For shipments made within the United States, you are not required to present any special paperwork or documents. The shipper will arrange the insurance documentation for your shipment as a mandatory obligation. You will just have to sign the inspection papers at the time of visual inspection while handing over and receiving the vehicle. The shipper will provide you a Bill of Lading, which is the key document to prove that you handed over the vehicle and keys to the shipping company.

The Business that can Make this Happen 

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How to Get the Best Out of an Auto Transport Directory

Auto Transport Directory | Autos In Transit (800)595-2062Using an auto transport directory can save you TONS of time and money if done properly. Most of the directories out there will have lists of auto transport companies with links to their website, toll-free number, and a blurb about the company.  From here you might be able to check out a few sites and see which company appeals to you by the look and feel of the website, the auto transport services offered, and if they have the proper business hours that fit your schedule. At this point you can request a few free auto transport rates and see which is in your budget. At this point just check out some auto transport reviews on the company and you should be clear to move forward with the quote.  This will help create a better overall auto transport experience and a stress free move.