Auto Shipping To Florida: Snowbird Season

Transport a Car Across Country | Autos In Transit (800)595-2062The fall season has start early for the auto shipping industry.  Snowbirds auto transport season usually starts mid-September, but this season is already underway. Online auto transport quotes have already started climbing when transporting a vehicle from the northeastern states to Florida.  Routes such as auto transport from New York, auto transport from New Jersey, and auto transport from Boston are all on the rise price wise.  Most auto transport companies are not prepared for the early start of the season, but vehicles are getting taken care of as auto haulers are available. Auto transport to Florida will keep quotes elevated from now until the end of the year.

Snowbirds Auto Transport - Fall 2012 Season Is On The Way

Autos In Transit, leading the way in auto transport knowledge,  would like to let everyone know that snowbirds auto transport for the fall 2012 season is starting beginning of October.  Generally speaking the season start right around the end of September or into the first week of October.  For those of you that are looking for auto transport service from the northeastern states (New York Auto Transport, New Jersey Auto Transport, Connecticut Auto Transport), down to Florida better hurry because the auto transport prices will be on the rise.  The reason for this is because they are number customers using their preferred auto transport services to transport their car from the north down to FL and there are not enough cars coming the other way.  When this happens the auto transport rates will differ in opposite directions.  Currently going from the northeastern states down to FL is around $550-$650 and when the price increase they will be upwards of $850-$950 for sedan type vehicles and more for SUVs and Trucks.  

Once the snowbirds are done moving, the prices will go back to the original prices, and life as we know it, will be back to normal. Act now for these cheap auto transport quotes coming from the Northern states down to Florida before it’s too late.

Ok Snowbirds, Almost Time to Ship Those Vehicles Back Home!

As some of you may already know, the move back home is going to be another bottle neck of snowbirds transporting a car north. Do not lose sleep over it because you are in good hands. Autos In Transit specializes in snowbirds auto transport, and our main goal is to help people move their cars back home for the months of March through May. Make sure you also keep us in mind during the winter months as we transport cars to Florida and other warm climates. Check out our Snowbirds Auto Transport Cars to Florida article for tips on auto transport during those winter months.

The Busiest Route for Snowbirds is from Florida to New York!

Auto Transport Services Florida to New YorkAs our most popular routes, snowbirds auto transport cars from Florida to New York. We have the ability to transport dozens of vehicles back and forth on the I-95 corridor. We utilize our reputable on-call auto transport brokers and carriers. In the auto shipping industry, we uphold ourselves to maintain a record of excellence, and its resembled in our reputation.

We hold ourselves accountable, and are committed to transporting your vehicle as safely and securely as possible. Use our expertise, and you will find that it will benefit you in the long run. Contact us today, and allow us to earn your business as we provide you with our quality customer care.

Snowbirds Ship Their Vehicles from Florida to Michigan, Too!

Auto Transport Services Florida to MichiganFlorida to Michigan is another popular auto transport route after the winter months. The I-75 route is used for the Florida to Michigan auto transport. For the last 9 years, we have been shipping vehicles utilizing this route. Think of what you will save by shipping your vehicle. It will save you time from the long driving hours, save you money from travel expenses, and save you effort by leaving the worries of certain weather conditions behind. Let Autos In Transit ship your vehicle knowing we have been regulated by the United States Department of Transportation for safety. All of our carriers are fully insured up to a $1,000,000 in cargo.

In the spring of last year, we helped people ship over 1300 vehicles from Florida as this shows we definitely know what we are doing. It does not matter if you are located in Naples, FL, West Palm Beach, FL or St. Petersburg, FL; we will come to you in all locations throughout the sunshine state. You can choose from our multiple auto transport services to transport a car across country throughout the United States.

Save Money By Booking Later!

It seems every year, 1000s of people come together, and decide to ship their vehicles in the same week or month. This causes prices to go up because of high demand in such a short time. The two main contributors to the auto transport quotes is the size of the vehicle and the distance the vehicle is shipped. To counter this, simply book late May or early April if you would like to save $100 or more. Visit our website for instant auto transport quotes to your email (or call our 800 number) if you would like to know the market’s current rate of an auto transport quote.